Are you looking for something different to normal, we can also create custom fencing to suit your requirements, whether it be upsizing your entry posts to create a solid entry, creating extra tall fencing, upsizing rails or changing the shape of the rails.

As well as custom fencing, we also have a range of single rail fencing available, most commonly used to create a barrier for vehicle or foot traffic, while maintaining minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. Single rail fencing is available with a variety of options ranging from; continuous fencing runs, individual bays, post and chain barriers, and post and pole barriers, to suit whatever you require, whether it be a residential, commercial or a parks and gardens application.

Single rail fencing, can also be supplied with the rail at standard fence height. Fencing wire can then be threaded through holes down the length of the post, if required, to create a sturdy fence that will keep animals in. This is also a great option for creating an easily visible fence for horse owners.


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