Timber Post & Rail Fencing 

We are specialists in post and rail fence kits that improve the aesthetics of your property.


Do you want to create a stunning first impression on your property?

The solid and durable look of a Strukta timber post and rail fence will enhance the appearance of your property and add value.


Post and rail fencing is a great way to create a fantastic look and improve the overall aesthetics of your property. The versatility of our timber fence kits also means you can use them for a range of different purposes. Aesthetic fences for homes, animal enclosure/paddocks, and new subdivision fencing are all common uses. We also have more economical options for commercial properties, parks, and gardens.


Are post and rail fence kits easy to install?


Our post and rail fence kits come pre-mortised and ready for an easy install! Each piece is carefully manufactured to a perfect fit so that you can put everything together with ease. Set the posts, slide the rails into the mortised joints, and you're finished; no fasteners are necessary. We can also offer fully installed post and rail fence solutions if needed.


How are our fence kits manufactured?


We build our post and rail fence kits from a variety of hardwoods and cypresses. Hardwoods are a time-tested fence material that makes for an incredibly durable and long-lasting fence. Cypress macrocarpa is available as a more economical option. This termite and rot-resistant wood is a cost-effective yet still durable alternative to premium hardwood fences.


More about us.


Based in Hamilton, Victoria, we have been servicing the Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales areas for several years. We now offer to ship post and rail fence kits anywhere in Australia! Check out all of our post and rail fencing options and timber gates on our other website pages, or contact us for custom fencing solutions.